Finding relevant in­sights,
creat­ing action­able strat­egies

Our services guide brands on how to be relevant and meaningful in the lives of people. Depending on the brand and challenge, we design a custom approach, but in general we distinguish three main types of services.

Impact assessments:

Find out where your relevance lies

Matching your brand’s needs and values with the needs and values of the consumer. Delivering areas of relevance, which are used to identify opportunities and threats for branding, innovation and touchpoint design. Including services such as:

  • Impact scans
  • Quick scans
  • Competitive analysis

Activation strategies:

Design how to respond in the right way

Our activation services fuel strategies, innovation and touchpoint enhancement.
Main services are:

  • Guiding principles: a set of guidelines to fuel strategies and innovation
  • Activation modules: leverage on your relevance.
    • Ideation Workshops
    • Persona Development
    • Touchpoint Design
  • Validation: Audits on existing activations

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Kees Elands founder TrendsActive

Kees Elands

Founder & Strategist

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