Our trend and active services

Trendsactive has great experience and expertise on interpreting and implementing sociocultural trends. Our services include trend lectures & workshops, the development of marketing communication, products & services and consultancy. In this section you can find more information on Trendsactive’s specific products and services. For examples of our work, have a look at our cases page.

Trend Lecture

Our presentations are like a visual management summary, packed with need-to-know information and presented in a down-to-earth style with global practical examples. We always provide a useful interpretation of our trends, as our motto is: ‘Great trend! Now what?’ The interpretation can be either more general or very brand and/or sector specific. Our lectures are suitable for small boardroom sessions as well as large global conferences.

Trend Workshop

We use trends and insights as the core ingredients for our innovation workshops. In each individual workshop we dive deep into one specific trend. We schedule half-day sessions during which ideas and concepts spring that can be addressed in future meetings. We discuss the deeper meaning of trends and insights and how to implement these to develop new ideas and concepts. Our workshops can be focused on topics such as brand posi­tioning, product development, services and marketing communications.

Trend Masterclasses

The trend masterclasses come as a series of lectures, together forming a course. This series provides a thorough overview of (a selection of) our complete trend database. A first general introduction on trends is followed by several tailor-made masterclasses. During the trend masterclasses you get a valuable in-depth overview of the trends that helps your business or organization to be relevant for years to come. The final masterclass is conducted in a workshop format in which the learnings are applied. The course is ideal for a multidisciplinary group of decision makers and executives.

Innovation Journey

We serve up a menu of the most relevant trends and insights for your company. We embark on this journey together; our innovation experts and your business team will meet on separate occasions for in-depth half-day sessions. This approach allows your team to work on a multitude of concepts based on trends, in a relatively short amount of time. Through cross-pollination of knowledge, expertise and creativity we come to great ideas.

Creative Development

Trendsactive has great in-house experience and expertise to turn insights into top-notch concepts for your brand and product communication. The combination of consumer knowledge and our experience in marketing and creative projects makes us a valuable partner in solving today’s marketing issues. With Trendsactive’s extensive knowledge of both sociocultural trend research and design, we can create and execute something that is built from the ground up.

News / Inspiration

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