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Tetra Pak

Tetrapak’s global HQ was looking for a way to add more relevance on the topic of innovation for their customers. After working for more than a decade for Tetra Pak they asked us to develop multiple global innovation workshops for their global key accounts


Liander – one of NL’s biggest energy compagnies was looking for strategic guidelines for the digitalization of her customer interaction.

Nationale Nederlanden

After acquiring the Dutch insurer Delta lLoyd (DL), Nationale Nederlanden needed to reposition, rebrand and reintroduce the existing DL healthcare proposition. In close collaboration with the customer we used our insights in the human behavior to design the launching proposition.


Vodafone set the goal to become more customer-centric. The main goal was to introduce an easy-to-apply marketing and sales segmentation based on customer needs. So together with Vodafone we delivered a pragmatic, human-centric segmentation, by integrating our generational and and gender insights with Vodafone’s customer data.


Disney approached us as they found out there was some fierce competition between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck:) Disney was looking for a way to increase the relevance for the Donald Duck brand. And what do you do then? You approach TrendsActive.

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