Google Bill: all finances in one overview

Every month TrendsActive interprets and visualizes a sociocultural trend for the Dutch Journal of Marketing (Tijdschrift voor Marketing). This month we developed an idea that can tap into people’s need for instant gratification.

Today, people have less time to spare – or more things to spend their time on. This has made people look for instant convenience and long for convergence. One solution for this longing for convenience and convergence is the smartphone which is a phone, MP3 player, watch, camera, calendar, game console and computer all in one. Also in other areas, people demand this convergence and easy use, for example in book keeping.

Most people’s book keeping consists of numerous parties. The combination of different banks, insurance companies, public utilities and so on results in a chaos of bills, bank accounts and policies. The solution for this chaos is Google Bill, an online overview of all your finances in one glance. Google Bill shows all of your fixed costs and also one-time invoices. And what if the user would want to switch banks or insurance companies? No problem. Google Bill is involved with all relevant parties which facilitates a smooth and unnoticed transfer. This doesn’t only offer great ease of use but financial benefit as well, because the connecting of expenditure offers possibilities for discounts.

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