The human context circle

One model to capture where and how you can be relevant in the lives of people

Two decades of research in one model

Our model is based on sociocultural trends, derived from academic and market research. A pool of almost unlimited knowledge on the human needs and changing behavior. But this research is hard to disclose, too much, too complex and not in context of marketing and branding.

We’ve captured this research into one model to unlock it’s potential for brands

One model to capture where and how you can be relevant in the life of today’s consumer, today and in the future

  • Providing actionable guidance for execution, now and in the future
  • Ideal for activation: can be applied to all touchpoints
  • Linking the what to the why.
  • Match today’s fast product & market trends to deep human needs.

3 trend categories

We make the most important sociocultural research transparent by distinguishing three trend categories.
From these categories, we distil insights about changing needs and behaviour.

• Societal trends
• Generational trends
Gender trends

10 sociocultural trends

In each category, we identified the most impactful trends. These 10 trends offer the greatest opportunity to connect with the deep needs of your customers.

• Trust – Complex society
• Search for meaning – Visual culture
• Generation Z – Millennials
• Generation X – Babyboomers
• Women – Men

Human Context Circle TrendsActive

30 key trend insights

Each trend is split up into three actionable trend insights providing you with 30 relevant & practical insights that you can use today.

90+ ready-to-apply strategies

The academic drivers of each key insight are turned into conclusions & basic strategies relevant for the organization at large. (comms. UX, strategy. positioning, validation/ideation, HR, proposition etc.)

Your benefits at a glance

Dozens of new perspectives & ideas based on real, deep customer needs.

Useful for now & tomorrow, due to the nature of the underlying trends, the tools are usable for at least 2-4 years.

Save money and time on research, innovation, communication, branding and marketing.

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