Reducing business uncertainty by turning long term sociocultural trends into actionable strategies

Our Trendmodel

With our model we enable our clients to stay relevant, today and tomorrow. It is designed to enable brands and organizations to anticipate the changing needs of people. Our insights are derive from long term, steady sociocultural trends and are therefore are very suitable base for mid – to longterm strategic decisions. They provide a unique perspective, bringing focus and reducing a wide variety of business uncertainty.  

Two decades of research in one model

The basis of the model are our sociocultural trends. In order to gain relevance, you need to understand people. By placing people’s behavior in a broader context, you create a new perspective allowing you to get a better understanding of the underlying motives (needs). Sociocultural trends allow us to create this context. We have condensed almost 20 years of research and experience into 10 trends. Each trend has three characteristic trend insights and is divided over 3 main trend ares: societal, gender and generational.

Trendmodel from TrendsActive

A pragmatic tool to guide our clients

Every trendinsight comes with its own strategies and sub-strategies. Completed with a database with thousands of examples, the model provides a pragmatic tool to find the relevant perspective and to design actionable strategies for our clients. 

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