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How brands can benefit from the generational overlap.

grandparent with grandchild on the beach

Is your brand trying to target multiple generations simultaneously? Then this webinar is for you. Without disregarding the differences between generations, we will share some common needs and values. We will outline the sociocultural trends that affect the lives of the four generations and show you where and how you can be relevant.

After this session you can:

  • Adjust your brand to shared needs and values of different generation
  • See how different generations influence each other and create common needs and values
  • Understand why millennials and boomers are similar and why X and Z are lookalikes.

Here is one cool case on the topic.

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All meetings are conducted via zoom. If you have any questions feel free to contact us in advance.

Webinar in English – May 20th

Webinar in Dutch – May 21st

Past events of our webinar series

How to make your CSR strategy relevant?

windenergy park

To make a CSR strategy relevant for consumers, it should resonate with their needs and values.
Not just with the ambition of the brand. Still too often, CSR strategies are focused primarily on building a company’s reputation with little real benefit to society. However, when executed in the right way and to the right target groups, CSR can be much more than a form of advertising.

After this session you can:

  • Understand why men and women respond differently to CSR and what that means for your brand
  • Make people trust your CSR strategy more
  • Activate your consumer’s sustainable behavior, because we will explain the single most important psychological nudge.

How to mentally recharge your team?

woman running near a forest

This webinar covers an ‘inside’  perspective on mental wellbeing. It might provide you with one of the biggest opportunities (and obligations) for your  company and team  in the coming years. The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping people’s lives in a way that has a huge impact on their mental health. Some people have used Covid as a way to reflect on their lives and are now looking to optimize their professional lives in such a way that it gives more meaning than BC. But the majority of people have had to deal with stressful situations, with living socially and physically disconnected from others and with an ever-present threat of an unfolding unknown.

After this session you:

  • have some clear angles on how to respond to the effects of COVID-19 on people’s search for meaning
  • know where to start to build resilience and improve your team’s emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Apply the 50-40-10-rule of human happiness to your challenge

Read more about meaning here.