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Looking for inspiration? Looking for new perspectives? Want to find guidance for the upcoming months and years? Or do you want to treat yourself and your team to a welcome distraction? Our digital presentations are both intellectual entertainment and provide you with tangible, concrete strategies for a wide range of challenges. All our trend presentations, including our latest research on the search for meaning are available as an online presentation – streamed to you, your team or your entire company.

We have turnkey, generic trend presentations or customized presentations that are tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Each presentation includes a set of unique human insights, interpretations actionable strategies on how to benefit from the trend and a live Q&A with one of our consultants.

The following presentations are digital available as of now. Please contact us if you are interested.

How to build trust in the digital age.

Aren’t all brands supposed to be sustainable these days? We have analyzed the container term sustainability and found the most pressing needs and demands driving the need for sustainability. Leaving us with insights that are always relevant – regardless if it’s a preqequisite or differentiator. We have brought sustainability down to the underlying needs and demands. And they differ per generation, per gender and provide different angels for different brands. Together with you we will pick the trends most relevant for your organisation or brand. The final 45-60 minute digital presentation will shed light on how you can make sustainability of relevance in the relation with your customers.

Corona-providing guidance from a human perspective

It’s not about corona, it’s about people .The world is in chaos right now. People, governments and organizations are in downright survival mode. Everybody is looking at today and tomorrow, a future beyond seems too uncertain to explore.

  • In our approx. 60-minute webinar we answer questions like:
    How will how people react in times like these?
  • What human needs of different generations will be likely amplified?
    And what current behavioral trends will manifest itself more clearly during times like these?

Get ready for your future customers - Generation Z

In the (very) near future everyone will need a strategy for generation Z. And there is not much time left. In order to be able to focus on the customer of the future, you will have to start understanding them today. These 5 to 22 year olds will determine how the future unfolds. Regardless of what happens today.

In this presentation we dive into the changing needs and values of this generation and explain how you can become more relevant to them.

Creating value for four generations.

Four generations on the workfloor

Four generations on the work floor. How do you let these – sometimes very different – groups of people work together? How do you as an organization ensure that you are (and remain) attractive to all employees? This presentation explains the most important differences and similarities between the Babyboomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z? In general, and in relation to the workplace. We provide guidance that will enable you to respond in the right way to their different needs, expectations and wishes. And enable you to be relevant to these four generations.

Millennials & finance

The finance industry always gets blamed for being low-interest to customers. Even after a decade of serving Millennials, companies – and especially banks and the insurance industry – still struggle. They’ve enforced huge changes in product development, customer engagement and communication but we still see a lot of financials failing in getting it right. Our Millennials & finance presentation will shed light on the needs and demands of this fascinating but demanding generation and will provide you with a lot of actionable insights and finance examples to enable you to become millennial-proof.

Purpose and happiness is not enough: the search for meaning

Over the last decade(s) the needs and demands of ‘men’ are expending from a – almost exclusive – focus on material prosperity into a more engaging, more purposeful society. People are looking for more than material wealth and expect brands more and more to engage in more than just making money, have a broader social purpose. Besides the social purpose, which – in many cases has been environmental purposes – people are moving from the quest from happiness towards the search for meaning. This presentation provides insights and inspiration to become more relevant. It contextualizes/explains why and where are people searching for more meaning, and how could you , as a Brand could adapt and start playing a (more) meaningful role in their lives.

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