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Thanks to our unique, unparalleled knowledge on changing needs and behavior of humans we have supported hundreds of brands to ensure their future relevance. 

We offer solutions that ensure a human-centric approach in all brand related areas such as branding, marketing, customer experience and HR. Depending on the brand and challenge, we design a custom approach. We distinguish two main phases in our approach.  


Our proof services help you to understand which sociocultural trends have a critical impact on your organization and brand. 

No customer is the same, and no challenge alike. Therefore you need to define which human needs and behavior are relevant for your brand, or more specific for your challenge in relation to your brand. This requires an exchange of knowledge to find the best match: to find the proof for your relevance. Depending on your question we design the right approach and tools to find this proof. Whether we first give a number of lectures or immediately go into depth with audit workshops.

Trend lectures

Our trend lectures are a great way to get acquainted with our  approach and our insights. Are you looking for inspiration for your company or your customers? Our lectures are intellectual entertainment and among the most acclaimed keynotes during seminars and events in the world.  Check them out over here 


Are you looking for ways to train your teams to stay customer centric? Or to infect several teams in your organisation with a ‘human centric’ mindset? We offer masterclasses in which we teach you and your team how to apply the human context by using our approach and insights.

Impact assessment

Which trends are relevant for your challenges? Which human needs fit with your brand values and strategy and why? And very important, which ones do not match? What are possible blind spots and what changing human needs are key for your customers and your employees. To provide you with a solid starting point to gain true understanding of which human needs are essential for your brand or organisation, we have our impact assesment. During a co-creation process we will unravel the most impactful trends for you to tap into to ensure relevance.

Trend reports

Sometimes more reflection is required. More in-depth knowledge, without the restraints of immediate results and actions. Digital or hardcopy. Do you want to everything about what drives Millennials? Or how to benefit from four generations on the workfloor? Our reports are a great way to transfer knowledge. All tailor-made, on the axis of a brand, industry, or theme and trend.


Our improve services are all about turning the relevant insights into actionable strategies and applications.

Once you have found the proof, it is key to define the right way to make it work for your brand. To define a strategy that fits the proof. A strategy that’s tangible enough to be deployed throughout the whole organisation. All our improve services are focused on turning insights into actionable formats. Whether it’s guidance for branding, the development of personas or ideas for communication.

Guiding principles

Guiding principles are build upon our insights, They provide you with a set of rules explaining why and how the insight could work for your brand. The principles aim to be tangible enough to be used by almost every brand related department, for both strategic and operational questions. They are designed for the mid-long term and can be updated without significant strategic changes. Guiding principles are developed in co-creation sessions to create a strong stakeholder buy-in. 

Ideation workshops

Suitable for a specific question or challenge and for the activation of strategies. Ideation workshops are the ideal prelude to concept and product development. They bring the insight of the trend via the route from theory, interpretation, examples and sparks to useful ideas. Ideas that are big enough to grab, but still small enough to grow. Preferably, we design guiding principles prior to ideation workshops.

Persona and touchpoint design

We apply our insights in co-creation sessions to various touchpoints. We use our trendmodel to develop personas and to design the most relevant customer journeys. During co-creation sessions we make the touchpoints tangible and actionable for the rest of the organisation.

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