Women are on the rise. Despite the topic of debate often being the inequality between men and women and the issues that need solving, 76 percent of women agree there’s never been a better time to be female. The fourth wave of feminism, that we are momentarily experiencing, is creating more and more room for the female perspective, whether it is photography and cinematography (the female gaze), marketing (femvertising) or the tech sector (femtech). This is of course linked to the rise of women in the work force and businesses, representing their point of view in business and technology, as well as female led startups in which women create products that actually meet the needs of women (unlike these kind of ‘female’ products). Where pitching about menstrual cycles in male-dominated Silicon Valley boardroom seems pretty intimidating, some strong women showed that an exciting business opportunity can compensate for the initial awkwardness. And the fact they are not aiming at a niche market – I mean, half of global consumers are female – makes their success noticeable and shows the commercial opportunities to bigger players.

Taboo on menstruation seems to be slowly fading and this shift is visible in marketing and communication. Libresse took a big step with their latest campaign, showing the reality of what their products are used for, promoting the hashtag #bloodnormal. The initial version of their campaign got banned, which shows not everyone is ready to break with the taboo yet. On the digital front we see period trackers, fertility apps etc. In the physical world we see new menstrual products, often with an organic and/or socially responsible component. We came across a service that combined digital and physical: Freda is an algorithm based web service that delivers you the right amount and type of period products at the right time, so you never have to go without. Still a bit skeptical about this one – knowing your own body should not really be taken over by AI in my point of view.

Our personal favorite is the Pornhub campaign – ‘Fuck your period’ is inspired by the idea that orgasms help relieve menstrual pain and gives women free access to PornHub premium for the duration of their period. Taking down three taboos at the same time (yes, women actually menstruate, masturbate and watch porn) this one is definitely empowering.

Zepha de Roo, Trend Researcher

Photo credits: Anaïs Albar / Elodie Daguin / Dessù

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