Adding the human context at Cannes Lions Festival

We’re adding the human context at Cannes Lions Festival 2019! RTL BrandDeli asked us to inspire their clients with our generation trends during the festival.

RTL BrandDeli – being a leading media company in the Netherlands – believes that understanding the customer of today and tomorrow is key for a brand to stay relevant. They collaborated with us for several years and we’re proud to partner up with them at the Cannes Lions Festival.

We enable brands to stay relevant based on scientific research into the behaviour of people for almost two decades. By actually understanding what’s driving the consumer and why they behave the way they do, we are able to design relevant strategies and solutions. Big part of our research is derived from (scientific) generation studies. They are globally applicable and provide a great frame for activation, communication, employee engagement, marketing and branding.

About the presentation
We will present this Thursday (June 20) at the CMO program of the Embassy of Dutch Creativity. We will inspire the audience with insights in Babyboomers, X’ers, Millennials and Generation Z and share key strategies on how to benefit from the differences and similarities between these four generations.

News / Inspiration

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