TrendsActive was in Austria!

Last week we were invited by Sutterlüty, the Austrian world champion for regional foodstuffs and groceries. As a Vorarlberg regional supermarket, a “Laendlemarkt”, Sutterlüty is traditionally closely linked with the region. Founded in 1952, today they are operating 23 branches, 17 restaurants, an own bakery, a butcher and an own meat processing operation. What we found most inspiring is how they collaborate with more than 3.000 farmers from the region, how they engage and educate their customers in buying and consuming local products and as such contribute to the sustainability efforts of the company to reduce environmental impact. Yes, a very long sentence to describe just a glimpse of why this company inspired us. This is next level conscious entrepreneurship.

Or stakeholder management to use an old but relevant management term. The result? Sutterlüty offers the world’s largest range of regional products, benefiting the local environment, their customers, their suppliers and theirselves. We used our trendmodel to help their leadership teams to decide on their future strategies. It got them thinking. But it got us thinking too: what’s keeping the other retailers to be organized like this?

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