TrendsActive event: Get a grip on the future

Get a grip on the future
In recent years, with our insights into people and their environment, we have helped countless organisations to determine their ‘2020 strategy’. The framework that we use for this is the TrendsActive Trendmodel that consists of ten socio-cultural trends. We investigate these and advised dozens of organisations on gender trends, generation trends and societal trends. With the New Year ahead, we invited our customers and interested professionals to an annual event in our studio in Utrecht. 


Looking forward
Because it is now time to look beyond 2020. The Millennial is still important, but Generation Z is advancing. The confidence crisis continues to exert influence, women are advancing into social life, men are struggling with their new identity and there is a development from happiness to meaning.

Inspiration for years
During this edition we took the attendees along the most decisive trends for the coming years, so that they can remain distinctive compared to the competition and relevant to their customers. In one afternoon we offered them, mostly critical thinkers of progressive brands, inspiration for years. We explained the attendees the goal and content of the Trendmodel. We indicated what distinguishes Generation Z from previous generations. The norms and values ​​of this young generation influence the needs and wants of consumers after 2020.

Signals and developments
Gender trends have long been part of our Trendmodel. Developments in this area have accelerated in recent years. Our research is constantly filled with new signals and developments, such as ‘gatekeeping mum’ and ‘masculinity crisis’. Trend researcher Hilde Roothart showed recent findings on the subject under the heading ‘Reinventing gender’.

Happiness and meaning
In an interview format Pauline answered questions 
about the research for the PIM (Platform Innovation in Marketing) Trendreport 2020 about happiness and meaning. This report will be published early next year. During the interview, she was supplemented by strategists and colleagues Kees Elands and Michiel Zonnevijlle. Pauline: “Searching for happiness makes sense in the short term, but striving for meaning ensures it in the long term.”

Fundamental insight
And the latter does not only apply to people but also to organisations and their brands. Because those who want to be meaningful today and tomorrow must understand what concerns their customers. That requires insight into people and their environment. Only when you understand people within the context of their lives, you see their behaviour in the right perspective. Then you understand not only who they are, but also what moves them. What interests them and leaves them indifferent, what makes them happy and what frustrates them, what they believe and what not. In this way you gain fundamental insight into their world, choices and future.

Do you want to know more about the TrendsActive Trendmodel and its application possibilities for your organisation? Then contact Hilde Roothart at TrendsActive.

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