Throwback #3: Generational insights for Eurapco

We’re taking a small break from the projects we’re working on right now, to take a look back at last year for the third time. A project we must definitely not forget is the Eurapco report (capturing many of our generational insights), which we wrote and designed during the hot summer of 2018.

Eurapco is an alliance of large independent European mutual insurance companies. They’ve joined forces in finding solutions for the new challenges in the ever changing world. And that’s exactly where we came in with our human insights. As a follow up on our Millennials insights report, we created “Togetherness”; an extensive study describing the four generations and advising on how to benefit from working with and for these four distinct generations. We were honoured to be invited to a beautiful castle in Paris, where we presented our final report and gave advice to all the boards of the Eurapco members.

As a follow-up, we had a workshop last week with the communication directors of the insurance companies that are part of Eurapco. We worked with the insights of the report to inspire, validate and find new solutions for their current and future communication challenges!

Curious to the changing needs and behavior of the four generations, that form both your workforce and customer base? Give us a call.

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