The key to happiness for people and brands

The Quest for Happiness is an age-old quest.  But in modern times what does “being happy” mean for people, and how are they pursuing happiness?  Importantly, what can brands do to help people in their quest for happiness? There is a huge commercial opportunity for brands that understand how to tap into the rising demand for experiences, mindful moments and happiness.

Working at TrendsActive, we’ve been keeping tabs on sociocultural trends for the last 15 years or so.  Particularly, we’ve noticed that the happiness trend is really on the rise and when people talk about happiness, there are always certain themes they associate it with.  Research shows people are starting to value experiences over possessions as they say goodbye to materialism. They would rather buy in on experiences like going on holidays or self-development courses rather than on consuming things.  On the other hand, in today’s busy environment, people are realising that mindful moments come from being aware and appreciating the present.  So how can brands respond to their consumer’s desire for meaningful experiences and their need for mindful moments?

On Thursday, January 31 I’ll be sharing my insights on the “Quest for Happiness” trend at the Marketing & Insights Event (MIE) on what being happy means for people today and how they are pursuing happiness in modern society.  Moreover, I’ll also discuss what brands could do to help people in their quest for happiness.  I’m very much looking forward to this event next week and I hope you’ll be there to join us

Tracy Cheung – Lead trend researcher

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