Summer break is coming up

Summer break is coming up. Just a small recap on our latest activities before we all head to the city beach, organic camping sides or offline yoga retreats.

Last week we kickstarted the Sanoma Media Summer Session with some insights on today’s addictive behaviour with technology. The audience, mainly women, were clearly recognising this behaviour and could’t resist to share their experience realtime on their social networks

In a very appropriate setting (Burgers’ Zoo), we got on stage discussing Generation Z at the Kids & Jongeren Marketing. It looks like this generation is taking things really serious and cutting down on all the ‘classic’ escapes such as sex, drugs and rock and roll. Yup, thats why world’s first non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip just launched…

In Brussels we’ve inspired the customers of our partner Vice on the lack of trust in current society. Leaving marketers and communications specialists with new insights on how people perceive brands, media, advertising and corporate institutes.

And just a few blocks down the street we developed a future customer strategy for our long lasting customer Proximus.

Closer to home we’ve been working with Nationale Nederlanden, developing a new health proposition. Not all details can be shared but we are currently involved in the creative process and we hope to share more after the summer.

Furthermore our summer is filled with new projects. We’re working with KWF on a new concept, starting a series of workshops for MN Pensioenfonds, writing a trend report for Eurapco, preparing the annual innovation month of Discovery Networks and many more.

But we’re never too busy. Wanna know how our insights can be useful for you? Just give us a call.

Cheers and enjoy your summer.

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