Oatly knows: people trust people

Have you seen the new advertising campaign from Swedish oat drink brand Oatly? Their ads are popping up in the streets of Europe and because of their let’s say “unconventional” tone of voice there’s a chance that they’ve come to your attention:

“Thanks for your attention. You might want to stop by your local store and try
one of these oat drinks. Or not. Whatever”. 

“We spent an insane amount of money on this fancy billboard.
Hope someone interested in oat drinks sees it”.

What’s great about Oatly’s campaign is that their informal, fun, and light-hearted tone of voice gives them personality. As a brand, Oatly is showing a human side. This is very smart because people don’t trust brands, people trust people (especially in the wake of 2017, the year that trust in all four major institutions – government, media, businesses & NGO’s, are at their lowest according to the Edelman Trust Barometer).  Therefore it’s important for brands and organizations to know how to gain trust, and Oatly definitely deserves the ? for being a great example!

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