Men and women in Suburbia

So when buying and selling a house there’s a lot more going on then just an exchange of bricks. It’s a huge emotional transfer for people to leave their old home and start a new future. A house is often peoples biggest purchase ever. So it makes sense to handle this transition in a personal and attentive manner.
Last week we talked about men and women at Suburbia, a festival for real estate agents, hosted by funda and NVM. Presenting the sociocultural shifts that we see happening in the traditional gender roles brought up a lot of recognition and also some laughter. But once again, why do we think it’s important for the real estate agent to get a better understanding of their customers? We live in a digital era where finding a house is just a Google search away. We don’t rely on real estate agents to find a place that suits our mwishes and budget. The essential addition that a real estate agent has to offer comes in the form of human values, creative  and social intelligence. When real estate agents take this task of getting to know their customer seriously, making them capable of offering personal attention and a human connection, they invest in their relevance for the future.


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