Last minute Christmas inspiration

From our research we know that happiness is not necessarily materialistic. Rather, people are looking for experiences, preferably meaningful ones. And last week was a week full of experiences. We’ve had this winter’s first snow in the Netherlands, we enjoyed our TrendsActive Christmas dinner, we listened to (awful – according to some of our colleagues) Christmas songs, and we are still experiencing the yearly (Christmas gifts) stress. Yep, Christmas is coming…. So, let us share some last-minute, trend-based Christmas gifts to help you go beyond the boring socks, perfume, wine and so on.

  1. As you can read in this article, using money to free-up time is linked to increased levels of happiness. “In an experiment, individuals reported greater happiness if they used £30 ($40) to save time – such as by paying for chores to be done – rather than spending the money on material goods.” So we suggest ‘time’ as a present, especially for stressed parents (succes guaranteed).
  2. If you really would like to give an experience, you might want to give ‘sky hours’. Skyhour is a gifting platform where you can give & receive flight hours that can be used by anyone, anywhere, on over 350 airlines. With these sky hours you’ll help travel-minded people to discover new cultures or reunite with friends or family who live far away.
  3. In case you insist on giving something materialistic, you could consider a phone that saves you from being distracted by the beeps and pings from your smartphones. For example the Light Phone – which is designed to be used as little as possible. Or go all the way with the Substitute Phone, a tool that helps smartphone addicts to cope with being separated from their mobile devices.

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