“It’s always important to know and learn more about your consumer target group”

Last week our Keynote speaker Aljan de Boer gave a presentation on Millennials at Dutch bank ABN Amro. We had a catch-up with Woltera van den Bosch, COE Portfolio and Marketing at ABN Grid Hypotheken, who was in the audience.

Hi Woltera, first of all thanks for your time. I would like to ask you a few questions. Let’s start! Were you familiar with the topic of Millennials?  Yes, of course! They are an important consumer target group that everybody is talking about.

But did you learn something new from the presentation? Well, it was a nice refresher on what I already know. I mean, going with the rhythm of everyday life, you forget the drivers or motives of human behavior – what and why people, and in this case Millennials, of the things that they do. For me, it was good to be reminded of the importance of understanding these human insights.

Are there any insights that you can use directly in your work? Yes, we could change our website to be more accommodating for Millennials. For example, the way we explain about mortgages – we should make the website to be more innovative, interactive, and visual.

So would you recommend this presentation and why? Yes of course I would recommend this presentation! It’s always important to know and learn more about your consumer target group, not just to know their changing behavior, but the “why”. This gives you tools to serve their needs better and become more consumer-centric.

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