I’m 17 and I have something to tell you

Last time we talked about SIRE, the ‘boys should be boys’ campaign that stirred a lot of discussion about raising children and the conceptualization of gender behaviors. Recently for SIRE’s 50th year anniversary, they launched a new campaign to celebrate this milestone with a focus to the future. That said, this campaign is called ‘Listen to the future’ and it is about the generation of tomorrow, better known as Generation Z (19 years old and younger).

The campaign showcases the visions of 17-year olds  on the next 50 years. Particularly in a mini documentary of the campaign, this young generation shares their view on the future by discussing topics such as the economy, sustainability, and inclusiveness through 30 in dept interviews (which you can find here). Some interesting quotes from the interview reveal what their outlook is like. For example: “We will definitely have a female prime minister” and “Look at what we can do better instead of what goes wrong”.

The SIRE campaign states that it hopes to inspire people to feel more positive and hopeful towards the future after seeing the world through the lens of these Generation Z youngsters. Moreover, SIRE also says they hope to, at the very least, surprise the audience with the vision of these 17 year-olds. Watching these campaign videos, we were indeed a bit surprised. Based on our trend research on Generation Z, we know that they have a realistic mindset. However, the optimism of these youngsters in this campaign at times came across as superficial when they made statements such as “We should all be friends” and “Don’t be afraid”.

Of course, being realistic doesn’t mean one cannot be optimistic. In any case, we hope that with their make-it-happen mentality, Generation Z will be successful in translating their optimistic views into realistic actions.

Photo credit: SIRE / Photography: Lotte van Raalte

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