People, Plants, & Monster

It is estimated that in the year 2050 there will be 9 billion people living on Earth. Preparing for this growing food demand, the horticulture technology industry is a key player in developing innovative food growing technologies that are not only efficient and sustainable, but also maximise the health and nutrition for consumers (e.g., think vertical gardens; floating food farms; robots that can take over the tedious task of pruning tomato plants). Indeed, finding solutions to feed an ever-growing global population is vital, but how can we also do this in a human-centric way?

Millennials (now aged 20 – 36) and Gen Z (aged 19 & below), are currently two ‘young’ generations, but they will eventually grow to make up a signification portion of the future population. That said, what are their deep values and desires? And how can companies, including the ones from the horticulture technology industry, engage them as consumers? More generally, as society is increasingly displaying a lack of trust especially towards big companies, how will the horticulture technology industry overcome this obstacle?

As trend experts, we were invited to answer these questions at a round table discussion with Mariska Dreschler (Group Director Horticulture at RAI Amsterdam) and Rob Baan (owner of Koppert Cress – an industry leader) hosted by GreenTech at a beautiful location at the headquarters of Koppert Cress in Monster, The Netherlands. Click on this link to watch this interview.

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