New Year’s Resolutions – How to improve yourself in 2018?

The start of a new year seems to inspire a lot of people to make changes in their lifestyles and consumer choices. Yes, it’s that time of the year again – time for new year’s resolutions for self-improvement!

We Millennials especially are living in a time that is very much focused on performance and self-improvement – to be better at whatever seems to be a goal in itself and personal development is a lifestyle. This could result in a lot of stress, feeling a constant pressure to grow and excel in all parts of life. It is never good enough and there’re always fields that you could have overlooked or that contradict without you being aware. So you got a great job? How about your physique? Or your eating habits? Or your social skills? And you switched to a green bank while using cryptocurrency, but did you read about how much energy every bitcoin transactions costs?

This society is the perfect breeding ground for goal setting and therefore new years resolutions. We see a lot of media willingly diving in this opportunity to make a list with a nice clickbait title from the The New York Post – 9 ways to be a better person in 2018. Who doesn’t want to be a better person, right? And how convenient if someone writes out how to achieve this in nine simple bullet points. It doesn’t take a genius though to realize that there are no shortcuts and no generic answers when it comes to ‘being better’. We can take all the tips and tricks of the internet but that just keeps us chasing our own tail, creating tasks and goals that are not truly ours. The tricky thing is, we can only decide for ourselves what truly matters to us, what makes us tick, what we are willing to make sacrifices for, direct our energy to (see also the bestselling book by Mark Manson, The subtle art of not giving a fuck). So you actually only need to one thing to become a better person in 2018 – take some time out to find out what really matters to you, what your values are. And keep those in mind with every decision you make. Then you will always be sincere.

Zepha de Roo – Trend researcher

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