How H&M’s Christmas commercial can be related to our trends

It’s the end of November and that means it’s time for Christmas campaigns again. This time we were really enthusiastic about H&M‘s commercial ‘A Magical Holiday‘ directed by Johan Renck. The commercial is actually more a short film, telling a story of a parallel fantasy world where a little girl tracks down and defeat the evil brother of Santa Claus in order to save the holiday season.

We don’t want to give away the whole story, but there are some elements in the video that can be related to our trend characteristics which we would like to share. Firstly we see a connection with our Generation Z trend, saying that this young generation has a ‘Make it happen mentality’. The film stars a little girl with a chemistry box that one day created a tiny black hole, which plunged her into a parallel universum. That’s quite different than the stereotypical girls playing with dolls. Also the fact that she is saving the holiday season all by herself shows that this little girl is capable of doing great things without depending on others. In the video you’ll see that even though no-one can give her words of wisdom or tools to help her, it still doesn’t stop her from her mission of finding Santa Claus’ evil brother. She is independent and makes everything happen on her own, a true Gen Z-er!

Besides the link to Generation Z, there are also aspects of our gender trends – especially the changing roles of men and women. The girl’s dad for example has a double role. He’s both her father who’s telling her the bedtime story and a fairy in the fantasy world. This perfectly shows the multidimensionality of modern men. Nicki Minaj stars as the mother of the little girl as well as the fabulous fairy named the ‘Wisest Thingy’. By giving her this name, H&M definitely puts the woman in charge – portrayed as a person with both great wisdom as a sensitive side, calling the little girl ‘my love’.

Photo credit: H&M

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