Flowers that leave you with an anaesthetic feeling.

Earlier this week we were invited to talk at the yearly FoodFest in Tallinn. And since we never say no to food, we immediately headed over to the country of the herring and elk dishes.

The FoodFest is open to all food related industries; from hotels and catering services up to retailers, importers and logistics. This food weekend is all about local and foreign food inspiration, while celebrating this year the nation’s 100th birthday.

The food industry is confronted with an entirely new consumer group: Generation Z. And if you think this generation is Millennial 2.0. Think twice! This generation is not massively on Facebook, is not just tolerant but truly inclusive towards other cultures, sexuality and ethnicities, and, will not be easily bullshitted by naive MarCom.

In order to fully understand this upcoming new consumer group, the FoodFest requested a talk on Generation Z for 60 minutes. However, every speaker knows, how entertaining your story might be, after 30 minutes people are longing for a break and starting to think of their email boxes filling up. So we anticipated to this expected dip and brought along an appropriate special effect to let the audience taste. Namely, Sechuan buttons. These edible flowers are a product from Koppert Cress, a Dutch company that pushes innovative micro-vegetables with astonishing effects on your senses. The experience of these flowers starts with an overal fresh toothpaste-like taste, followed by an electric and tickling feeling on the tongue, and eventually leaves you with an anaesthetic feeling.

The flowers did the trick; the audience was definitely back at it! However, the experience was mainly appreciated by the adventurous types. And this made me wonder: would this type of non conventional flavours be more something for the globalised young Generation Z?

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