How technology can actually help you disconnect

We live in a connected society full of technological distractions, varying from endless scrolling through Instagram or checking Facebook every half an hour. Well, from December this year there will be an app that will help you to block these distractions*. The app called Thrive will be available for Samsung devices and could help stop the mindless scrolling. “As the world becomes increasingly connected, we need a balancing force that allows us to be in control of the technology in our lives, not controlled by it” (Arianna Huffington from Thrive).

What are the app’s features? When you’re in Thrive mode it will limit your notifications, calls and texts (except from people on your VIP list). When you’re away from you’re phone, the app will send a message to the sender telling him or her that you’re currently ‘thriving’. Additionally App Control shows you how much time you’ve been spending on apps, and also monitors your usage. If you feel that you don’t have enough willpower ‘Super Thrive Mode’ makes sure there’s no way you can override the function of the app-blocker until the designated ‘thrive’ is over.

We know from our research that in the connected society, more and more people want to disconnect from technology. The pleasant irony in this example is that they actually use technology to unconnect. So instead of only taking time off from your phone or other devices by going completely offline, you can also use technology to find balance and a healthy relationship with it.

*We know that there are more apps like this with similar functions, but we chose to talk about Thrive because it’s one of the most recent.

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