Boost your veggie intake

Albert Heijn, the biggest supermarket chain here in the Netherlands, just released a new service that works trough Facebook messenger. Add Groenteboost (vegetable boost) to your contacts and you will receive personal tips and inspiration during the course of your day to easily reach your vegetable goals.
Healthy eating is still a very hot topic and, as seen in the sales numbers of healthy cookbooks, people are looking for guidelines (and are willing to spend good money on it too). Health has become an important part of our quest for happiness, which makes healthy eating part of our road to becoming the best version of ourselves. To reach that goal of 250 grams of vegetables a day is a big challenge for a lot of people. The Albert Heijn vegetable boost team is ready to help and inspire you to eat more vegetables throughout your whole day. Eating vegetables made convenient and interactive – so no more excuses.

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