Show your colours, show your Pride!

Celebrations for Pride in Amsterdam have been taking place since July 29, and the famous Canal Parade and street parties are this weekend (August 4-6). Getting into the spirit, some brands have designed really creative products.  Here are three that we especially liked:

  • De Bijenkorf: Dutch department store de Bijenkorf introduced Eau de Tolerance, a fragrance especially made for the Pride Amsterdam. With #spraytolerance everyone can show that they’re supporting the LGBT community. Moreover, the proceeds are all donated to COC Nederland (an organisation advocating LGBT rights with a special consultative status with the United Nations).
  • Chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely is known for highly valuing human rights, only producing and selling 100% slave free chocolate. Celebrating Pride, they are selling the ‘Gay Bar’ packaged in a rainbow-coloured wrapping.
  • At Hutspot, they believe that the diversity of gender and sexuality should be celebrated. The concept store created iconic peach and eggplant pins to motivate everyone to wear their sexuality with pride (and a bit of humor) during the Pride this year.
  • Last but not least, the Hema ♥ t-shirts. This brand sells t-shirts in various colors with random names on it (e.g., ♥eva). When you buy the t-shirt, you will only know the color and the size of the t-shirt. So by wearing this t-shirt you show the world that you have love for everyone without prejudices.

In a previous blog post, we talked about how the notions of gender, both femininity and masculinity, are evolving in contemporary society. Moreover, the younger generations, the Millennials and Generation Z, are more opened and tolerant to diversity in sexual orientation.  They feel that gender does not define a person’s identity as much as it used to (compared to their parents’ generation). For Millennials and Gen Z’ers, gender and sexual complexity is an issue that could be discussed openly and accepted as part of life. Looking at these product examples, we can see how they are celebrating pride and have done so in a creative way that would appeal to Millennials and Gen Z.

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