Why companies will want to monitor your heart rate

Understanding your consumer is essential in creating meaningful and valuable products. For a long time it was pretty easy to know your customer. With local and small shops, sellers and buyers where each others neighbors. With the rise of big communities, large store chains and online shopping, the distance between seller and buyer has become bigger then ever.

Buyers are not too happy with that. That’s why they’re now booking a place to stay through AirBnB and a ride through Uber. They want to know who they’re actually buying from.

Sellers are not too happy with that either. That’s why they’re trying to get to know their buyers again. To understand what they want and be able to create valuable products.

Getting to know your buyers means gathering as much information as you can. It’s no surprise big data is the next big thing. New technologies will make it even easier to gather information. Although consumers have always pretty reluctant when it comes to face recognition, it has now been released by several companies. Webbrowser Chrome released Smile Suggest, an extension that saves the webpages you like – because they can see you smiling while reading. And Apple released Moments, the apps that helps you find photos of you that you didn’t take. Google Photos that lets users visually search their photos. And artificial intelligence company Affectiva is now working on a horror movie that will be exactly as scary as you want it to be. Reading your emotional reactions while watching, the movie will speed up or slow done to get the tension just right.

Face recognition is just the beginning. With Apple Watch being able to track your heart rate, there’s no more hiding what (and who) you do or don’t like. Which might come in handy while trying to find love on Tinder.


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