And the winner is… TrendsActive!

And the winner is… TrendsActive! Fellow professionals acknowledge the value of TrendsActive by awarding us twice as the best speaker of the day.

On February 5 and 6, the annual dutch Marketing Insights Event took place. With 2.500 visitors and 100 lectures, this event might be the biggest marketing event of the Netherlands. On the first day, our colleague Aljan gave a lecture about Generation Z. He shared insights on what drives the behaviour of this young generation and what that means for brands and marketeers. And guess what, Aljan’s presentation was rated the best of the day!

On the second day, our colleague Pauline Taks presented our latest trend report on meaning (download the report in Dutch here: The trend provides relevant insights for brands on how to be relevant in the customer’s life on the long term. As this talk covered people’s need for a meaningful life, we expected that it would strike a chord. But that we would also go home with the Best of MIE Prize on the second day was both a surprise as well as it was a very nice confirmation of the quality of our work.

Great to experience that the value of our insights and strategies for brands was so much appreciated by professionals. Thanks a lot!
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