Do you know what’s relevant and meaningful for your customers?

People expect brands to be relevant create impact and fulfill their deeper, more profound, less volatile needs.

This calls for brands to reconsider their consumer strategies and deepen their understanding of the changing needs and behavior of people.

One model to capture where and how 
you can be relevant in your customer’s life

We’ve brought 20 years of human behavioral research together in our Human Context Circle. This circle provides tangible insights to fuel future proof strategies, innovation and touchpoints. Allowing brands to ensure their (future) relevance.

TrendsActive Human Context Circle

Clients and challenges we’ve guided


Entwicklung eines messbaren und umsetzbaren Segmentierungsmodells

Nationale Nederlanden

“ Entwicklung eines Angebots für die Gesundheitsversorgung auf der Grundlage der heutigen tiefen Bedürfnisse der Gesellschaft”


Repositionieren von Donald Duck, um Relevanz für die heutigen Zielgruppen zu erzeugen

„Suddenly it all makes sense…“

– Manager design and creation

„Working with TrendsActive was a true revelation“

-Brand strategy manager

„When we applied the principles of TrendsActive to our customer communication, we increased the response rate with 25%.“

– Marketing and Communication manager


„I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with the push that the TrendAnalysis has given to future developments.“

– Grandmaster – Order of Freemasons in the Netherlands

Trendsactive’s guiding principles turned out to be an excellent foundation for the activation of our new healthcare care label.

Marketing manager

„Working with Trendsactive feels like working with your nicest colleagues but with the indispensable expertise from the outside.“

– Commercial manager

Our Services

Our services guide brands on how to be relevant and meaningful in the lives of people. We tailor our services to your brand and challenges but in general we distinguish three main types of services

  • Impact assessments: Find out where your relevance lies
  • Activation strategies: Design how to leverage on these insights
  • Academy services: Learn all about why people behave the way they do

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