In order to become more customer centric Vodafone set goal to introduce a new segmentation, based on customer needs. A segmentation that would allow the company to make use of its vast amount of customer intelligence, without creating a too complex, impossible to use model. 


Together with Vodafone we delivered a pragmatic, human centric segmentation. Integratiing our generational and and gender insights with Vodafone’s customer data without building a complex model.  We trained Vodafone’ s teams to create a buy-in and get familiair with the model. In a series of co-creation workshops with different departments (sales, communication, marketing) we applied the segmentation frame to generate ideas for propositions, sales and marketing campagnes and communication strategies.

During 2017 and 2018 Vodafone launched a series of new campaigns based on the new segmentation, including a focus on the new segment of babyboomers.  Being a success, we co-presented the case with Vodafone on the main stage of the biggest marketing and insights event in the Netherlands

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“Together with Vodafone we delivered a pragmatic, human centric segmentation.”

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