Guidelines for digitalising customer interaction

Challenge and Task

Liander – one of NL’s biggest energy compagnies- deals with an enormous amount of customer interactions everyday. And, as is the case for many other, efficiency, costs and customer expectations require her to digitalize her interactions continuously. Well aware that she needs to find a balance between what could be digitalized and what should be digitalize, she asked for us for guidelines on how to digitalize their customer interaction.


We ran impact assessment using our model to find out which areas in the lives of people have impact on the acceptance of digitalization. Once found we designed a set of guiding principles on how to secure the human needs of their customers while digitalizing. Delivering an extensive set of actionable pointers on how to balance between the needs of their customers and cost efficiency. 

“When we applied the principles of Trendsactive to our customer communication, we increased the response rate with 25%.”

– Marketing and Communication manager Liander

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