Fuel the KNVB's strategic exploration towards 2030


The KNVB asked us to objectify their exploration towards 2030, which was at the time based on projections from within their own organization. Based on this objective foundation, the KNVB wants to give substance to their value proposition, their core tasks and the structure of the organization towards 2030.


In order to provide them with a grounded foundation for their exploration, we set out to answer the following questions:

  • What are the significant changes in human needs and behavior
  • Which of these trends have the greatest impact on the KNVB?
  • How can the KNVB, based on these trends, remain relevant and meaningful to its members and other stakeholders towards 2030?

The result? Three grounded pillars on which the board and all the key stakeholders aligned, provide the KNVB with a good understanding of the future human needs relevant to them towards 2030. These pillars will provide future ammunition to fuel the KNVB’s strategy, value proposition, core tasks, and structure.


Impact assessment:

  • Match KNVB’s challenges and the broader context of football with the deeper needs of people

Activation strategies:

  • Creating an extensive report that formulates three pieces of advice for the KNVB regarding their challenges and the underlying human needs, in an easy-to-understand and inspiring way.
  • These three pieces of advice serve as a fundament for their strategy towards 2030

TrendsActive has produced a wonderful report, the link has been made with the interviews and other background documentation. While reading, it helped me to recall the nuances of the meeting with the board, which will be no different for the board members themselves.


 – Ralf Reniers, KNVB

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