Global theme for strategy activation


Asics is a customer with whom we have a long lasting relationship. As many organizations they also had the challenge to become a more consumer-centric organization/brand. They approached us to create a consumer centric direction for 2020. To provide guidance for branding, communication, marketing, and innovation.

In close collaboration with Asics insights & brand team, we ran an impact assessment to identify where the brand and the strategy were (or could be) relevant in the lives of people. Once we found out where the relevance could be achieved, we defined how this could be done best.  Resulting in a clear global theme that inspired all their employees towards their future direction. The theme included a set of practical guidelines on how to implement within their organization in order to reinforce their positioning, differentiate from the competition, to create more brand awareness with younger consumers and so on.

“Suddenly it all makes sense…”

– Manager design and creation

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