Utrecht University is the biggest university in the Netherlands. It has a wide range of bachelor and master programs available and they’ve asked us to develop a branding concept. The target group for this branding concept are both national and international students who are about to choose a master program. For this branding concept we also created the visual style (new look and feel) and executed the communication. After a focus group with the target group we enhanced the concept and launched the Master your future-campaign in September 2014.


1. Insight

Create an outstanding identity that conveys quality and pride. It can be done, but it is a challenge in today’s world with a lot of visual noise. Because there are so many stakeholders at a university, we decided to work with focus groups and learn from them. The UU’s slogan ‘bright minds, better future’ served as  a solid base.

2. Interpretation

The potential new students are  digital and visually savvy teens  who live in a fragmented mobile social universe. If you want to catch and keep their attention, fast and easy recognition is vital. This requires a strong visual identity, effectively executed across all the Master programs’ publications.

3. Implementation

We designed an iconic concept, based on the old painting masters’ frameworks. It is a simple and highly recognizable shape in a vivid yellow, always in combination with the candid tagline ‘Master your future’. Today, it is the eye catcher in all visual communication about the Master programs.