Tetra Pak is worldwide market leader in packaging solutions and food processing.  They are innovative and always respect both food safety as well as the environment. With these standards in mind, we have collaborated on many projects during the past ten years. Therefore, we really understand their brand and business. To give their innovation drive a boost, we were asked to think along about an inspirational program including their global key accounts. Which we did through the development and organization of a series of innovation workshops.          

Our approach

1. Insight

We obtained key insights through solid global research about:

  •  The packaging market and lots of different beverages that go into Tetra Pak’s packaging
  • Their current clients
  • Potential relevant target groups (consumers). We looked at e.g. the size of the groups, their influence and spending power.

2. Interpretation

Global trends are a good starting point for any global product innovation. For Tetra Pak, we followed up on the insights about Millennials and Women. So we looked at their wants and needs regarding branding and on pack communication. What makes a pack stand out on the shelf in their view? What helps them choose to buy a product? And much more. We developed a complete program to inspire creative output based on the two trends.        

3. Implementation

The activities based on our insights and interpretation: a two day innovation workshop at the Headquarters in Lund, Sweden, and custom workshops at market companies in several countries. In a very interactive way, we applied the global trends to packaging design. Inspired, the workshop participants then developed design briefings based on which we developed design concepts. And these were used as input for further discussion, which led to a wide range of great ideas. Because of the successful outcome, our two day workshop has now become a bi-annual event.

An important part of the workshop is a private consultancy session based on specific business questions.

Example: a new design for a new product for a Chinese company (all illustrations (such as the logo) are handmade by our designers).

Example: a new design for a new product & brand for a Spanish company.

Example: a redesign (package on right) for an existing brand for an Iranian company.

Example: a new design for a new product & brand for a Spanish company.