Perfetti van Melle (PvM) is an internationally well-known company in the world of candy and chewing gum. Change is a constant in their business and therefore they are always working on the improvement of existing products as well as relevant innovations. We were asked to develop a product innovation journey for two of their top brands, Mentos chewing gum and Chupa Chups, working closely together with their global brand teams. The goal: a total of 10 powerful concepts that appeal to new target groups globally: Generation Z and Millennials.   


1. Insight

We obtained key insights into PvM’s products, brands, target groups, market developments and market potential through intensive research and reading. We also worked with documents regarding brand DNA, new strategies and propositions  – to fully understand the basis for further growth and innovations.   

 2. Interpretation

We combined the insights with our previous research results and a deep understanding of Generation Z and Millennials. This was the starting point for an Innovation workshop with members of PvM’s global brand teams. Primary goals: knowledge transfer and ideation. After that, we organized an internal innovation meeting at Trendsactive with an interdisciplinary team.

3. Implementation

The two sessions combined have led to a total of 10 innovative concepts regarding proposition, product and packaging. We connected these with the Generation Z and Millenials trends as well as the Chupa Chups & Mentos brand principles. This enabled us to  develop designs that are both elaborate and strategic. The creative output and final report of the innovation journey were also presented to the board.

Nice to know: one of the concepts is currently being developed and will be implemented. To be continued!