Nationale Nederlanden (NN) is a well-known and large insurance company. They offer a wide range of services for both companies and individuals and aim to stay ahead of the competition through their highly skilled staff and relevant product innovations. We were asked to help Sparklab, NN’s proven concept and innovation team, to come up with new ideas through a range of masterclasses about trends and their meaning.


1. Insight

Innovation is a key focus point for NN Group’s strategic agenda. Our insights on trends and their meaning add to the Sparklab’s  forward way of thinking – together creating more knowledge.    

2. Interpretation

The human centric approach is all about understanding the customer and interaction. That is how we wanted to organise our masterclasses as well: exchanging ideas, rather than just lectures. For example doing exercises on the Millennials generation in order to get into their skin and take their perspective when thinking of relevant  innovations.

3. Implementation

We organized three masterclasses and a workshop. The participants learned about relevant trends and their meaning. More importantly, they went on to apply new insights to their business and were inspired to exchange lots of ideas. During the workshop, the participants worked with our well-tried methodology (insight – interpretation – implementation) to really end up with strong and actionable new concepts.