After acquiring the Dutch insurer Delta loyd, NN needed to reposition, rebrand and reintroduce the existing DL healthcare proposition.
NN and Trendsactive designed a proposition fitting both NN, the existing DL and new customers. 


1. Insight

TrendsActive applied her human lens to the fast amount of existing research and insights on the market, both the brands and their install bases, resulting in a relative short list of sociocultural trends relevant for the challenge.    

2. strategy

In the interpretation phase we contextualized the trend insights. We translated the trend insights into guiding principles to make them actionable. In a series of co-creation workshops we applied the principles to design the outlines of the proposition. After this co-creation phase we finalized it and wrapped it up in the end deliverables. (Proposition development, retention strategy, activation strategy).

3. Implementation

Once designed the proposition needed to be activated, internally and externally. During a series of internal stakeholder workshops we have spread the word, allowing the new team to activate the proposition in their day-2-day operations. To ensure a qualitative activation of the strategy in the media, we controlled the creative briefing for the agencies, and stayed onboard as a creative consultant. The campaigns were successfully launched end of 2018, meeting all the goals set by the transformation team.