In order to become more customer centric Vodafone set goal to introduce a new segmentation, based on customer needs. A segmentation that would allow the company to make use of its vast amount of customer intelligence, without creating a too complex, impossible to use model. TrendsActive was selected as a partner due to its unique approach offering Vodafone a way to get the best out of the company’s own data and keep things workable at the same time. We added our sociocultural trends to build a trend frame, this allowed to filter the existing data for relevancy, to add context and to offer Vodafone a usable, durable segmentation. Allowing Vodafone to uncover unmet needs, and to identify hidden drivers of human behaviour, And allowing them also to find new segments to target and to develop new propositions and communication in a customer centric manner. 


1. Insight

To find the right insights we scanned – in a relative short period of time, Vodafone’s existing relevant customer intelligence in order to find relevant insights that correlated with our sociocultural trend research. Leaving us with a selection of trends as starting point for the next steps.

2. strategy

We translated the trend insights into a segmentation frame and added design principles to make the segments actionable. We completed the segmentation frame with relevant user data from the Vodafone base to set priorities and draw business cases per segment.

3. Implementation

Having the segmentation frame completed, we trained Vodafone’ s teams to get familiair with the model. In a series of co-creation workshops with different departments (sales, communication, marketing) we applied the segmentation frame to generate ideas for propositions, sales and marketing campagnes and communication strategies.


Together with Vodafone we were able to match the worlds of big data and thick data, without building a complex model. During 2017 and 2018 Vodafone launched a series of new campaigns based on the new segmentation, including a focus on the new segment of babyboomers.  Being a success, we co-presented the case with Vodafone on the main stage of the biggest marketing and insights event in the Netherlands.