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The undervaluation of leisure time

Nowadays, time is seen as a strict unit of measurement that has to be optimized at all times. “Time is money”. Now think back about the days when you were a kid. When you had the space to wander around […]

What philosophers think about philosophy’s biggest questions (survey)

Sometimes we stumble onto some inspiration that we don’t necessarily have something to add to, but we want to share it with our newsletter readers anyway. This week that is just the case. This month the 2020 PhilPapers Survey results […]

Why Gen Z wants to go back to the office (partly)

Are we returning to the office full-time? Or do we want to keep working from home most of the time? Research on this topic shows contradictory results. However, most of the research suggests there’s probably more excitement among younger people to head back to […]

The biggest lie on the web fixed

How many times have you ticked a box stating you have read and agreed to certain terms and conditions? And how many times have you actually read these terms? We bet the answers to these questions differ heavily. But you’re […]