Connecting human insights

Connecting human insights. That is what we do. That is who we are. Trendsactive is a trend agency that uses sociocultural trends to answer business questions. We believe that human insights are the starting point to develop more relevant products, more persuasive marketing, more meaningful brands and more engaging design.

Understanding people is key in developing anything meaningful. That’s why we study the behavior of people within our changing global society. We translate our research into actionable insights in order to activate them for business opportu­nities. This helps companies capture market opportunities, assess risks and spur innovation. Understanding people is not just insightful and inspiring, it is essential for running a successful business. We work with an integrated process to help brands become more human-centric. This process is based on the three I’s: Insights, Interpretation and Implementation. We use this methodology for projects that range from brand positioning to communication to the development of new products.

Activating trends

Trendsactive helps brands and organizations to use a human-centric approach. This not only goes for sharing our knowledge on trends, but also for the development of new ideas, concepts, products and services. Our creative process is based on Trendsactive’s proven methodology.

This methodology ensures that our concepts spring from tangible human-centric sociocultural trend insights. In order to develop new ideas it is imperative that there is a deep strategic foundation. Trends provide us with this kind of knowledge and help us to understand human behavior. Knowing about their desires, fears and tendencies, the next step is to find the practical implications of these trends for a brand or business. This is the reason why we like to work closely together with our clients, combining their expertise with our knowledge and capturing opportunities together. In short: we don’t just share the theory of sociocultural trends and leave behind a beefy report. We actually take our insights and turn them into meaningful products and services.

Our methodology


Over the years we worked for a variety of brands and organizations. From profit to non-profit. From telecom to retail. From SME’s to Fortune 500 companies. We work globally and for various departments, from CEO’s to the coffee lady. Our business focuses on people’s behavior, which is relevant to any organization.

Trendsactive’s experience with many different branches and organizations from all over the world gives us valuable insights and knowledge of the global business world. From our experience we know that the lessons from other branches and organizations are very valuable and help us and our clients in our day to day business challenges.

News / Inspiration

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