TrendsActive is the first trend consultancy who turns socio-cultural trends into actionable strategies to ensure brand relevance.

How to be relevant, now and in the future.

In a time of constant change and constantly increasing customer expectations, the biggest fear for most brands today is the loss of brand relevance. People are connected through a huge network and share everything – good and bad. Markets are constantly shifting. New trends are emerging. Competitors enter the market unexpectedly and change the game right in front of your face. And customers expect brands to make a contribution to society. As a result, many companies struggle to stay relevant – they try to stay ahead of the competition, adapt quickly enough and maintain their position in the market. But there are simply too many variables. What gives you something to hold on to of What gives you the right guidance? What should you focus on as a brand? We believe that changing human needs and behavior are the key for brands to stay relevant. Now and in the future.

We believe 

We believe that understanding human needs and behavior – in the right context – is the only starting point to ensure your brand relevance.

We believe that everyone who understands the human context in which he or she operates is able to find the right balance between the interests of your organisation, employees and customers.

We believe that sociocultural trends are key to understand the human context.

We believe that understanding the human needs in the right context allows our customer to anticipate on human needs instead of reacting to other brands.

We believe that without the right brand context and actionable strategies/follow ups trends are useless. They will add more variables to your complex equation and won’t provide you any guidance.

Who we are

We’re an independent, boutique consultancy firm, founded almost 20 years ago. With the initial mission to improve marketing and communication by integrating research, trends and creativity. Over the years we’ve evolved into the trend consultancy we are today. We are a team with diverse background and areas of expertise – from social science and psychology majors to creative designers and management consultants. Together we have a wealth of knowledge about human sciences, branding, marketing and organizational issues. We share the conviction that a human centric mindset is key. We are a sincere, no-nonsense team that likes to create impact by being smart and relevant for our customers.

Facts & Figures
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    just after the millennium, in 2003
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    Our insights are relevant for all cultures - we applied our model in: USA, Brazil, Zweden, Egypt, Austria, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, China, Belgium, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Finland, Iran, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan and Mexico.

Kees Elands

Founder & Strategist

Michiel Zonnevijlle

Partner & Strategist

Aljan de Boer

Head of Inspiration

Douwe Knijff


Network & Partners

TrendsActive is part of a group of companies adding value in different areas of brandmanagement. We’re all independent but we share the same values.