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Postponed adulthood affects Gen Z’s investment

Although still young, we already see Gen Zers making more conscious choices regarding their futures, including their finances.

According to a survey by the CFA Institute, over 50% of Gen Z respondents are already investing, and 82% began before turning 21. That’s way earlier than millennials and Gen Xers. There are several reasons for this behaviour. Firstly, they have earlier access to financial instruments and advice, especially on social media. 64% of surveyed Gen Z investors say they rely on apps, significantly more than older generations.

Secondly, it has been harder for Gen Zers to achieve what their parents could at their age in terms of wealth. The pursuit of a ‚middle-class utopia‘ has become more challenging. It’s harder for young people to achieve traditional markers of success like promotions or homeownership. To still make this happen, they’re even fleeing cities for low home prices but also are investing with the goal of saving for retirement or preparing for economic uncertainty