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Supermarket develops low-res website for rural customers

Many customers of Peruvian supermarket chain PlazaVea live in rural areas where internet coverage is often not sufficient. That means their website loads slower, if at all, leading to a frustrating online shopping experience. That is why the supermarket developed a cool low-resolution 2-bit version of their webshop, where it automatically switches to whenever slow internet is detected.

The project, called ‘Redesigned for E-nclusion’, makes a conscious effort to include rural customers, broadening the focus that many modern brands usually place on urban customers.

With so much of our essential information and services moving online, the importance of digital inclusion is only increasing. But practices around, for example, making websites accessible to everyone, are lagging behind. Even among Dutch government websites, that should legally have incorporated functions for people with accessibility problems (for example, visually impaired people) since 2020, only 4% complies with the rules, despite 20% of people standing to benefit from it

How E-clusive are your platforms and services?