brands partnering with the outdoor

Brands partnering with the outdoor

From food like Field BlendsCAMPPoe & Co and even Patagonia with their Provisions food line, to high-end fashion brands partnering up with outdoor brands like Gucci & North Face and Rapha & Snow Peak. Chic Outdoor is a thing.

Associating your brand with outdoor experiences might be a smart move. The wilderness is one of the most potent sources of transcendent emotion. Various recent studies have demonstrated nature’s power to induce intense emotions. And by being associated with such moments, your brand is able to contribute and profit from experiences that leave a lasting impact on people and add to their search for meaning as well.

Many brands are trying to create immersive experiences themselves, take a look at the rise of experiential stores for example. However, not every brand has the ability to create such experiences from scratch. Therefore, attaching (and associating) your brand to moments of transcendence, which people are likely to encounter while engaging outdoors, is a clever strategy.