Are white-collar jobs particularly vulnerable in the future?

Nearly 30% of all job vacancies in the Netherlands concern practical professions. There are multiple reasons for this, like our ageing population, but also the stigma around skilled work.

However, the tide might be turning, as skilled workers are likely to become more relevant due to advancements in AI. Whereas over the last century, it was often practical professions that got replaced due to automatisation, the University of Pennsylvania and OpenAI found that especially white-collar jobs in the information processing industries, like IT, are the most vulnerable to being replaced by generative AI. As these jobs use programming and writing skills that are closer to GPT’s capabilities. 

We are currently experiencing the first major revolution where the vulnerable collective consists of white-collar professionals. With this billboard, the Belgium recruitment agency for construction and technical jobs hits the nail on its head. They smartly tap into one of the big advantages of being a construction worker/technician; having more job security towards the future.