Alzheimer jingle therapy

Some advertising jingles are so deeply imprinted in your brain that you will likely never forget them (curse you, Kruidvat). But it is exactly this catchy-ness that the Puerto Rico Alzheimer Association used to help people with middle-stage Alzheimer’s to bring back memories and ease symptoms of agitation. 

Partnering up with radio stations for their jingle archives, caregivers were given access to an app where they could enter the age of the patient, and the app would select the most popular jingles of their youth. The result of the sessions was a measurable improvement in mood, memory, orientation, depression, and anxiety.  

This initiative shows a creative application of old trademarked materials. So who knows what your old branding archive might be useful for today. Worth a shot to revisit your vintage branding to revive your modern marketing, or help some people that could use a moment of clarity and nostalgia in their day.