ai inflation cookbook mother with two kids

The AI Inflation Cookbook

With skyrocketing inflation, people are seeking ways to cut costs and save up money. Delivery service SkipTheDishes has smartly tapped into this need by building an AI Inflation Cookbook that enables people to source affordable, nutritious food and maximize their grocery budgets by keeping tabs on over 400 items at more than 80 locations nationwide. 

On the platform, users first select their province, household size, and weekly grocery budget. Based on real-time price data, the cookbook then highlights ten items with significant price reductions, such as a 20% drop in cheddar or 13% in Roma tomatoes. The Inflation Cookbook then displays seven recipes that incorporate those ingredients to make meal planning accessible and convenient. The recipes are generated with the help of AI and curated by human chefs and nutritionists. By doing so, SkipTheDishes has found a convenient way to support people, especially those who are struggling financially.

When experiencing money troubles (and therefore stress), our brains are more likely to go for sweet or fatty foods, as those are the exact substances that tame our stress hormones. In addition, unhealthy food is still cheaper and often easier to prepare than the healthier alternative. By creating this cookbook, SkipTheDishes offers people a simple way to cut costs and eat healthy and delicious recipes without having to sacrifice anything.