oat milk

Why Oatly shares its F*ck ups

In a similar fashion to Ace & Tate’s ‘Look, we fucked up’, Oat milk brand Oatly shares a ‘time machine of all things bad’ about the brand. The website, fittingly called ‘F*ckOatly’, shares a transparent and playful look at the biggest controversies throughout their history, ranging from lawsuits to the controversial investment by Blackrock. 

Why would they? People know that institutions (among which brands) are not perfect and some sources even claim that distrust is the default. So instead of pretending that your brand is perfect and frantically avoiding any scrutiny, consider explaining what you did and why. Sometimes attack really is the best defense. „Some research even shows that confessing something unflattering makes brands more trustworthy compared to those that don’t confess at all. Disclosing everything people might think you might want to hide, is the ultimate proof that you’re not having anything to hide.