apple basket with and apple pie

This cafe employs the elderly for great cakes and life lessons

Our greying society forces us to rethink old age. Something that is well understood by Vienna cafe chain Vollpension (German for “full pension,” also referring to the kind of hotel stay that includes meals, or full board). The cafes employ elderly with a love for baking who are looking for some extra money after retirement or miss the socializing part of work.

Besides tackling old-age poverty and loneliness, the founders also want to stimulate the conversation between young and old generations. Through their online bakAdemy you can for example learn how to bake like a granny, from a granny. Towards the future, initiatives that bridge the gap between generations and actively engage the elderly in society and the workfloor will become more essential, not only to fight loneliness but also to deal with the labor shortage. Take for example this Swiss concept for an elderly care ‘time bank’, or a Japanese ad agency that helps older employees transition to their ‘second lives’.